Creative Days and the Atlanta Opera

25 Feb

Lately my work days have been full but during the in-between time I have been trying new recipes (spaghetti carbonara was a slight fail) , enjoying the company of friends, watching dozens of videos, listening to new music, reading magazines and papers, writing some poetry and helping a friend who is a beauty editor for Rolling Out magazine (Talking Pretty) on a couple reviews.

Last night I attended the opera. It was my first time ever and I must say it was an experience.  Shortly after writing my post on wanting to see Porgy and Bess, I was invited by Atlanta Opera to attend the media preview ! As you can assume, I was extremely excited and thankful for the opportunity.

The media preview was the final dress rehearsal and a backstage tour was included in the deal! My guest and I did not attend the tour because something came up but the production itself was lovely. If you have never seen an opera production before you should know that it is a hearty chunk of art to digest. You must pay close attention. Not only does the singing itself tell the story but the costumes, the choreography and the subtitles do as well.

Porgy and Bess is an American tale of life during the 20’s in the fictitious Catfish Row of Charleston, SC so of course it was sung in English with English subtitles but there are plenty of other operas to see in other languages with English subtitles provided.

If you like musicals, you will enjoy opera and Atlanta Opera has a production line- up for 2011-12 that is sure to entertain culture-loving Atlantans as well as you curious outsiders ;^). Season tickets are on sale now but if you simply want to try out one show then go online to

For all you Willy Wonka fans, you may want to see The Golden Ticket. It’s a comic opera based on the beloved story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘ showing March 3,6,9,11.

I may return to see that one ;^)

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